We provide consultation service for Bearing Design and Rotor-Bearing System Simulation. We have two computer programs (1) BrgLibrary and (2) BrgRotor. Both programs are available for bearing design and rotor-bearing system simulation. Users may use the programs with non-disclosure agreements.


We have a Bearing Library with 15 bearings of various geometries and lubricants. Stiffness and Damping are calculated for different rotor speeds and loads.

Bearing Design and Calculation Library Offers Fifteen (15) Bearings:

  • Journal Bearing
  • Tilting-Pad Bearing
  • Thrust Bearing
  • Rolling Element Bearing
  • Porous (Ceramic Coating) Bearing
  • Air/Gas Bearing
  • Liquid-Film Bearing
  • Calculations of Load Capacity
  • Attitude Angle
  • Torque
  • Flow Rate
  • Temperature
  • Stiffness & Damping depending on Rotor Speed and Load
  • Robust design of bearings

Rotor-Bearing Dynamic System Analysis:

  • Rotor Critical Speed
  • Unbalanced Response
  • Asynchronous Response due to Forcing Function
  • Rotor Stability
  • Reliability for Bearing-Rotor dynamic system
  • Rotor interfacing with Probabilistic Software